About The JCB Academy Sixth Form

Welcome to The JCB Academy Sixth Form in Staffordshire, a leading institution in engineering and business education. Our Sixth Form offers learners the choice of a traditional A-level pathway or the opportunity to pursue BTEC diplomas in engineering and business at two different levels – BTEC Level 3 (equivalent to two A-levels) and BTEC Level 3 Extended (equivalent to three A-levels), alongside a selection of complementary A-level subjects.

At The JCB Academy Sixth Form, we are proud to collaborate with numerous industry partners, enabling our learners to gain valuable insights from professionals and participate in real-world projects that enhance their educational experience. As Mr. Stanmore, our Director, highlights, this distinctive approach sets our graduates apart in the competitive business landscape.

Our Sixth Form, which welcomes around 200 learners, is open to both external applicants and those progressing from The JCB Academy. Situated on a picturesque 0.85-acre site, our Grade II listed, three-storey building is steeped in history, having been originally constructed in the early 19th century as the residence for the Manager of Tutbury Mill (now The JCB Academy) and completed in 1831.

The current Sixth Form building, known as The Lodge, replaced the original Mill House – a structure that stood adjacent to the mill on Mill Street and opposite Millholme. Dating back to the first mill’s construction in 1781, Mill House was owned by Richard Arkwright. By 1831, the mill complex was under the sole ownership of Richard Bridden, who then built Millholme. Additional extensions were added to the house during the latter half of the 19th century.

Join The JCB Academy Sixth Form in Staffordshire and embark on an exceptional educational journey that combines engineering and business expertise with an unrivaled learning experience.