Meet the Director of Sixth Form

A Chartered Mechanical Engineer for the past 20 years, Mr Stanmore worked at a senior level in the mechanical design and manufacturing engineering sectors before running his own engineering business in the East Midlands, servicing national contractors allied to the utilities industry. Mr Stanmore worked in a middle and senior leadership roles in a Derby school prior to joining The JCB Academy in 2016.

Mr Stanmore is keen to ensure that every learner maximises the fantastic opportunities at the academy from the very start of their time at the Sixth Form. Developing the young engineers and business leaders of the future is the order of business from day one and learners at The JCB Academy Sixth Form are regularly complemented on their mature and professional bearing by industrial partners and visitors.

“The sixth form works closely with several industrial partners to ensure that learners get as much as they can from their time here. Such partnerships provide opportunities for working with industry professionals on projects that contextualise their learning. This offers a unique learning experience and contributes to what gives our learners a competitive edge when they enter the world of business.” Mr Stanmore, Director of The JCB Academy Sixth Form.