T-Level in Engineering and Manufacture

Welcome to The JCB Academy Sixth Form in Staffordshire, offering the T-Level in Engineering and Manufacturing – a qualification designed to equip learners with in-demand skills for today’s engineering industry. Our program has been carefully crafted in collaboration with leading employers and businesses, ensuring that our curriculum is tailored to meet the ever-evolving needs of the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

At The JCB Academy Sixth Form, our T-Level in Engineering and Manufacturing is a comprehensive two-year program that provides learners with a solid foundation in engineering principles during the first year. This includes a core curriculum and an industry-driven project, which helps learners develop practical skills and real-world knowledge.

In the second year, learners have the opportunity to specialize in a specific engineering pathway, further enhancing their skills through applied project work. This hands-on approach, combined with our strong industry connections, ensures that our learners are well-prepared for a successful career in engineering and manufacturing.

A key component of the T-Level program at The JCB Academy Sixth Form is the requirement for learners to complete a 45-day industry placement. This invaluable experience allows learners to gain practical work-based insights and build connections with potential future employers, complementing their classroom learning and ensuring they are ready for the challenges of the engineering industry.

Choose The JCB Academy Sixth Form in Staffordshire for your T-Level in Engineering and Manufacturing, and secure your future with a qualification that bridges the gap between education and industry.

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Download the T-level Engineering and Manufacture course sheet overview from our downloads page by clicking here.