EPQ - smart can

Extended Project Qualification

The level 3 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) at The JCB Academy Sixth Form enables learners to develop skills which are highly rated by prospective employers and higher education establishments. The project is the first opportunity that learners have to work completely independently on a project of their choice supported by a project supervisor.

During the course, learners will learn key skills in:

  • project management
  • planning
  • research
  • presentations
  • communication
  • review and evaluation

Furthermore, learners will be able to demonstrate what they can achieve on their own initiative, that they are self-motivated and explore in more detail and depth a subject that interests them personally.

An Example Project

Connor Stanmore produce the ‘Smart Can’ for his EPQ project.

“The Smart Can is a maintenance free product that requires no regular servicing.
Use the quick release hose fitting to connect the product to a standard water mains external tap using a hosepipe. Fully open the tap to allow water to flow to the filling station. Once the dedicated smart watering can has been positioned on the filling station, water will flow freely into the can until the water level reaches the top and it will stop.”