Megan Aucott Bentley Motors

Megan Aucott – Bentley Motors

Megan joined the academy in 2010 continuing her education in our sixth form where she studied an engineering diploma and A-level mathematics and physics. Megan is now employed at Bentley Motors after completing her Junior Engineer Higher Apprenticeship.

“The links with industry partners working on real projects allowed me to learn so much about engineering. It was so much easier to understand the learning objectives when you really got to see it in context. Being taught how hydraulics work and why they need to be maintained would have been hard to grasp out of a text book. However, when you’re physically looking at how the London Eye operates* and the risk and safety factors involved with running the attraction for the public, your understanding of the topic goes way beyond that of what would have been learned in a generic classroom.”

*students have access to the London Eye’s hydraulics through one of the sixth form partners, Bosch Rexroth. Read more on our challenge partners by clicking here.