The Industrial Cadets Gold Project

The Industrial Cadets Gold Project (ICGP) gives learners the opportunity to work with a mentor from a company on a real engineering project, the ICGP replaces the EES and is being run on a virtual platform. Whilst undertaking the ICGP, learners spend 50 hours working on their project and at the end they will produce a solution for their project which they present to their company and at a celebration event at the end of the scheme in April. They will also write a report on their project and its solution which will be assessed for the Industrial Cadet Award. This is a nationally recognised award which will allow our learners to use this award on their CV when applying for apprenticeships and University places.

As part of the scheme the learners will complete a project management masterclass, attend a higher education and careers seminar, take a virtual tour of their company and they will also meet with their mentors once a week for help and advice on their project.

We are very excited to be signed up for the Industrial Cadets Gold Project Award scheme with EDT giving our learners a great extra-curricular opportunity to improve their knowledge of engineering in the real world.

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