Business Learners Visit London

During April, Y12 and Y13 business learners at The JCB Academy Sixth Form visited London to see the Branding Museum and attend a session run by Liquidnet.

The learners had an opportunity to look around the museum and see how branding has changed over the decades. They also participated in an interactive session allowing them to get involved in some customer profiling tasks to really consider how important this is for businesses when selling their products. This provided some great practise for their upcoming exams and assessments as it will be vital to be able to fully understand their needs and devise a campaign that best suits them.

On day two, learners visited international asset managers Liquidnet to see how a real life business deals with trading on a global scale in many different markets handling billions of pounds worth of stocks every day. We were given a simulated demonstration of how the trading works in a dark pool matching buyers and sellers in a market place. The visit certainly provided a fantastic insight and some valuable material to use in either coursework or examination answers as well as opening up some potential career options for the next generation of business leaders.