EPQ - smart can

Extended Project Qualification 2019

At the end of March, learners at The JCB Academy Sixth Form presented their EPQ projects at the annual event. The event aims to showcase final projects that will be pitched to teachers and other visitors. Projects have been two years in the making (learners start their EPQ qualification in Y12), completing four key objectives, including a 5,000 word dissertation on their chosen project. When it is all completed, learners use the celebration event to showcase their unique project to other participants, and younger years to help inspire others and discuss lessons learnt during their experience of EPQ.

There is always a huge variety in the topics chosen and this year they included:

  • The harmful effects of make up on the skin
  • Does media censorship evade the freedom of speech movement?
  • A study into pilot shortage,
  • Artificial intelligence in farming,
  • Carbon zero housing,
  • Viability of autonomous cars
  • Delivery by drone – reality or pie in the sky?